Come and experience something truly special and enjoy making incredible changes. Learn to live life with balance, greater flexibility, less stress, fulfilling relationships and more emotional intelligence.

  • Increase your mental resilience
  • Gain powerful insights to human behaviour
  • Control your thoughts, emotions and behaviours – improve your state of mind
  • Change the impact the past has on your present and future
  • Discover how to better help others professionally and personally
  • Become skilful in communications with others
  • Release your potential – become the best version of you you can imagine
  • Release yourself from fears and phobias

Sometimes we’re not sure what we need but we know we need something to change, so if what you’re doing at the moment isn’t working for you or you just want to get more out of life, it could be time to come on a course and develop some life-changing NLP skills.

NLP provides us with a set of tools and techniques taken from the behavioural and social sciences. It is a powerful toolkit for applying psychological understanding to everyday situations and helps with happiness, performance, realising potential and un-blocking things when we feel stuck.

It is invaluable for coaches, educators, leaders, social care workers and therapists wanting to share life enhancing tools with those they support and it is transformational in business too.

Our courses run in small, supportive groups and are fun, eye-opening and interactive so you get to practice what you’re learning as you go along and make progress in applying it to everyday life.

Forget formal, air-conditioned meeting rooms and Powerpoint overload…..instead imagine a warm welcome to a cosy barn, an informal, relaxed and interactive style, with plenty of stories and activities, and campfire conversations.

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