July 2020 Our first Summer here and this simple life is so rich; nesting swallows, country walks, fruits & nuts growing, socially distanced gatherings with family and friends, music and online workshop recordings for Shrewsbury Folk Festival.
June 2020 the gardens and orchards are thriving, Wally ‘the one sided walnut’ is raised from the ground. Beautiful landscape and sunsets and more wood stored for seasoning.
May 2020 Stunning skies, lovely walks and a lockdown birthday camping in the orchard. Bunting and rainbows in support of the NHS.
April 2020 Spring brings early blossom and a lovely light. Lockdown music fun with Tuneworks pals featured heavily.
March 2020 a dear friend came to help us with the well, lovely neighbours brought bird boxes, farmers hard at work, wild garlic found growing in the garden (yum!) and sheep move in next door.
February 2020 Bank House was cold and beautiful. Wood processing continued.
January 2020 wintery walks, more wood processing and music and visits with dear friends.
December 2019 – Wreath making, furniture restoration, moody skies, Trevor (the tractor) joined the team and our first Christmas with furry friends.
November 2019 – The house is surrounded by trees and fields – harvest complete, some cutting back done and this winter’s firewood stored.
October 2020 Beautiful autumn light and the start of the harvest. Dear friends from Oz came to stay. We met more wildlife living on our land and gathered firewood.
September 2020, left our Liverpool home for our new place in the country – all kinds of happy; peace, fruit, wildlife, views, a music festival and Michaela the trailer joined the team.