Liz is a great listener.  She picks up on things I say in passing, that are potentially keeping me in the wrong mindset, and she is easily able to assess where I can make changes and improvements.  She is very good at directing me toward thinking about how I could approach things differently. I have been helped to look at the way I work from other people’s perspectives, and to think about, not only their perceptions of me, but their individual needs and requirements of me”. (Colette Byrne, Liverpool)

”I was really struggling to focus on the administration regarding my business development and how to move it forward. Liz gave me the space and time which helped me to break my goal down into clear, manageable and achievable steps. As an added bonus she got me thinking on how to change it into a fun and less daunting exercise which took the seriousness out of it and now my business can reflect me authentically. She made me realise that I don’t have to offer perfection, just myself and my time’’.(Amanda Craig, Tonbridge )

‘’ I had needed to lose weight for some time and although I have made various efforts to diet myself, I have lacked the motivation and found it quite hard to diet. I found that with coaching sessions I was able to look at the goal I wanted to achieve and break it down into small achievable steps.   The sessions were a focus to discuss my progress; what was working, or not and why and looking at ways of moving forward and I feel better for it. With these coaching sessions I reached my goal of losing weight in the time I wanted, learnt things about myself, felt physically better and looked in better shape. This has all had a good impact on my general health’’.  (Pat McK 2016)  

‘’I was inspired to take small steps, building up my confidence and reflecting after each challenging task I set myself. I was led gently back from any negativity in the sessions and helped to focus on the positive aspects I was conquering, albeit small steps but always moving forward and starting to actually enjoy things more, I am really pleased with myself.’’ (B Childs)